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G wagon coil spring

Benz G car specialty lift kits, can easily modify the ride high by mechanic, can easy compare with WAT or original shock absorber to rise up or low down the ride high.
JAPAN spring steel cold band process, Less spring rigid recession.

Classic type:

Suitable for urban roads and river crossing, jungle off-road use, strengthen the structure to avoid unpredictable rocks, reefs, dead wood and other external impact caused by barrel damage.

Advantage 2 way External Reservoir

Suitable for highways, desert off-road and other road conditions are flat and there is no unpredictable obstacle road conditions.
Two-way External Reservoir adjustable design, more damping oil than the classic models to suppress heat failure, compress and rebound can be adjusted separately to give the owner a more detailed adjustment range.


Low down

Rise up

Rise up

Rise up





+140mm(100spring+spring spacers)


Max low -50mmthan original or will hit the chassis

No need to modify the brake hose, ABS line.

No need to modify the brake hose, ABS line.

Need to use longer brake hose and ABS Line