• Dual Piston Suspension

Invert External Reservoir

2 way adjustable type External Reservoir dual piston suspension
. Compress 12 level with 40 step rebound adjustable , can let user adjust the damping smooth. WAT unique design over the world, can do custom shocks for each customer.

  • Hand build suspention system.
  • Ø57m design can fit 90% of market car model.
  • 40 level damper adjustable.
  • Standard pillow ball camber plate for front Macpherson system (some model may not provide.)
  • High quality pillow ball to avoid the unusual sound.
  • 57mm standard mono tube with 50mm piston.
  • Ø20mm spindle rod for both Macpherson and A arm system.
  • SAE9254 Japan steel cold band spring. Less spring rigid recession.
  • Fully adjust design, to adjust the ride high by low mount, do not need to adjust the ride by spring preload.
  • Use the spring bearing (optional) to avoid the unusual sound when turning the steering wheel.
  • Square thread on tube to avoid the rust stuck problem. 
  • Aluminum top plate for less weight.
  • One forming aluminum forged A ARM low mount, less weight stronger rigidity
  • Italy damper oil, working temperature from -30~220
  • Japan seal, 10 million cycle test no leaking.
  • Unique damper and travel for each model.
  • Custom damping is acceptable.