• RC1-Coliover
  • Rally Racing

RC1 2 way Rallys coilover

This Off Road Coilovers kit is specially made for rally asphalt/hill climb rally racing
. In addition to stabilized the vehicle, it absorb the bumps caused by the uneven roads.
2 way design for more oil and travel, can use for rally car suspension.
Invert damper design for Macpherson system
use large valve piston can absorb the bumps fast to stable the vehicle.
Extra travel and long line spring provide more room on jumping.
Extra thick and top mount to avoid bending when sliding and jumping.
Fix type pillow ball top plate for MacPherson system, A arm pillow ball top mount optional.
Design for off road coilovers.
RC + External Reservoir Shocks, compress 12 levels + rebound 40 levels
rally car suspension